July 30, 2020

While most of our vendors are operating at near normal levels, there are a couple of vendors who have been impacted more so than others, specifically vendors based in the northeastern and western United States.

Specifically these vendors are:

Swenson Shear:

Swenson Shear is still maintaining production operations, however sub-supplier delays have pushed all orders for Swenson Shear products out by 2-3 weeks at a minimum, with components parts delayed due to restrictions put in place by the state of California. All Swenson Shear orders will be honored of course, however expect that an order may take up to four (4) weeks to receive.

ESE Tools:

ESE is operating at normal levels, however delays at the foundries where many of ESE’s components are forged are slowing delivery times down. This is expected to be temporary, however as of today’s date, some ESE tools may be delayed by 10-14 days.

As always, Rapid Materials is operating at 100%, so if you have a question about any product or are concerned about lead times, please call us 770-405-1060. We can give you up to date information so you can make an educated decision regarding your purchase.

NON COVID-19 NEWS: From July 20- August 8th, Rapid Materials will be moving into a new 130,000+ square foot facility just a mile or two down the road from our current location.

This move will have an impact on some of our product sales, in particular some roofing tools and sheet goods like Equitone however we will still be shipping most of our products with no delay by utilizing alternate warehouse locations and drop-shipping direct from the manufacturer.

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