Solar Panels / Metal Roof


How to Install Solar Panels on a Metal Roof

The solar panel is becoming an increasingly popular form of alternative energy around the world, using photo-voltaic and silicon solar cells to convert radiation into power. Along with this increase in popularity, S-5-PV kits and attachment clamps are in high demand as an industry standard for solar mounting systems on metal roofs. S-5! Attachments lower the installation costs, and simplify the process with module-to-module (bonding) continuity.

Tools & Materials

To install a solar panel on a metal roof you will need 3 basic components: solar panels, S-5! clamps, and the S-5! EdgeGrab 2.0 (for single panels) or the S-5! MidGrab 2.0 (for multiple panels). You will also require a screw gun, tape measure, wrench, and a pen.

It’s important to determine that you have the right clamp for your panel profile. To view a breakdown by panel profile, please visit or call 770-405-1060 to speak to one of our experts.

For this application, we are using S-5-V mini clamps.

Install the Clamps

Mark your starting point using a pen and apply the first two S-5! clamps using a screw gun. The torque should be between 135 and 175 inch / lbs.

Once the clamps are firmly in place, add the mounting disk and set your EdgeGrab (or MidGrab) until snug. Tighten with a wrench.

Attach the Solar Panel

Place the solar module in alignment with the first two clamps and mark the position of the additional clamps.

Preassemble the additional S-5-V mini clamps with the mounting disks and EdgeGrab 2.0’s, and repeat the previous steps to secure in place with the screw gun. Finally, tighten the top screws on each of the four S-5! EdgeGrab 2.0’s. Your solar module is now secured in place.

Video Tutorial

To see a full video demonstration of this solar panel install, as well as other indsutry tutorials, visit, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.