accessory extrusions

  • Plankpanels EXT PTR Extrusion image

    PTR Receiver for PlankPanels EXT

  • PLankpanels EXT PJT Extrusion image

    PJT Butt Joint Cover for PlankPanels EXT

    $95.74 - $107.64
  • PLankpanels EXT PCT Extrusion image

    PCT Outside Corner Cover for PlankPanels EXT

    $95.74 - $200.57
  • Plankpanels EXT PCR Extrusion Image

    PCR Corner Receiver for PlankPanels EXT

  • PLankpanels EXT PSC extrusion image

    PSC Starter Extrusions for PlankPanels EXT

  • Plankpanels EXT PET Extrusion image

    PET Termination Cover for PlankPanels EXT

    $95.74 - $104.72


ScRATCH Resistent

optimal light fastness

impact resistence

easy to install

extreme weather resistent

easy to clean


The beauty of real wood with the strength of aluminum.

Enjoy the look of wood with realistic woodgrain finishes without the maintenance or weight of traditional wood. PlankPanels-EXT is an architectural cladding system that is pre-fabricated into interlocking planks and paired with in-house engineered rainscreen installation options. Fabricated PlankPanels are sold together with all necessary attachment clips, with pre-finished vertical hat channels, and color-matched fasteners available for certain system applications.

horizontal with insulation

horizontal withOUT insulation

VERTICAL with insulation

VERTICal withOUT insulation






PlankPanels™-EXT is a rainscreen system designed for fast installation for a lower in-place cost than traditional aluminum rainscreen systems. PlankPanels are available in a range of realistic woodgrain finishes or custom colors that can be matched to your specifications and come in one standard length: 161.42″. Sold in bundles of 6 pieces, each pack of PlankPanels-EXT panels contains the required number of clips for installation, so there is no guessing at how many clips are needed.

PlankPanels-EXT creates numerous design options for architects and designers by enabling a flush plank, shiplap look on architectural facades, while benefiting from the fire-resistant nature, broad finish options, and long-term exterior performance of sublimated aluminum. If sustainability is top of mind for your project, PlankPanels-EXT offers an attractive advantage over wood because it is made from a renewable resource and can be recycled. Its primary application is exterior architectural facades and design elements that can either dominate or enhance a building’s facade design, as well as high-end residential applications.

Thickness: 5/16″ (8mm) – TBD (use as filler for now)
Plank Width: 4″ or 6” Overall Dimension (7.6875″ Face Dimension)
Plank Length: 161.42″