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Galvanized Half-Round Gutter Systems

High Quality Galvanized Half-Round Gutters from RapidMaterials

Our Galvanized steel half round gutters are manufactured by Zambelli of Grafenau, Germany. For more than 35 years the Zambelli name has stood for high-quality roof drainage systems. Because of that reputation, Zambelli is now the largest manufacturer of roof drainage systems in Europe.

Made to Last
is the ultimate material for roof-drainage systems. It’s easier to
handle than aluminum and offers minimal thermal movement.

Our Steel Half Round Gutter Systems now feature a G-120 coating which is 30% heavier and corrosion resistant than any other galvanized gutter on the market!

Simplified Design and Installation
No special tools or skills are required, gutters, end caps and outlets simply push together without the need for any sealants.

Stylish Design
Zambelli offers solutions for a wide variety of buildings, large or small, classic or contemporary, residential or commercial.

Cost Effective Solution
pricing combined with simplified installation, low maintenance, ease of installation and long service life make the Zambelli Gutter System stand out as a truly superior value.

Low Maintenance
an occasional wipe or wash down is all that’s needed to keep your gutter
system looking like new. Easy assembly and installation guarantee a
long service life.

Rugged Construction
Unpainted steel half round gutters are produced from G-120 Galvanized Steel.

15-Year Warranty
Zambelli painted products all come with a standard 15 year warranty. The
guarantee covers the whole system including the integrity of the steel

Color Choice

Also available in painted finishes!

Imported from Germany

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