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AMG Copper Roof Vent Pipe Cover with Flexible Base Flashing


The warehouse that inventories this product will be closed beginning December 14th, 2022 for the Christmas holidays. This location will be reopening on January 9th. Any order placed after 2:30pm on December 14th will ship after the warehouse reopens on January 9th, 2023.



Our Copper Roof Vent Pipe vent Pipe Flashing Boots feature solid copper construction with a soldered in place zinc “bellows” that adjusts to fit the pitch of the roof. These roof vent pipe flashings are suitable for any slate (natural or synthetic), copper, asphalt shingle, clay tile, wood shake or composite shingle roof with a roof slope between 2/12 and 12/12. All units feature a copper base plate for flashing to your existing roof. Caps are included.


The pipe dimension listed is the dimension of the copper tube, not the size of the vent pipe it will fit.

For example:

If your roof vent pipe is no larger than 2-3/4″, you can use the 3″ Vent Pipe Flashing. If your roof vent pipe is 3″ you must order the 4″ copper vent pipe flashing.

If your roof vent pipe is larger than 2-3/4″, but smaller than 3-3/4″, you can use the 4″ vent Pipe Flashing. If your roof vent pipe is 4″ you must order the 5″ copper vent pipe flashing.

If your roof vent pipe is larger than 3-3/4″, but smaller than 4-3/4″, you can use the 5″ vent Pipe Flashing. If your roof vent pipe is 5″ we currently to not have an option for you. The 5″ Copper Vent pipe Boot will not fit over a 5″ PVC or Cast pipe.

Dimensions of the copper vent pipe flexible boots offered by Rapid Materials

Dimension “b1” Dimension “b2” Dimension “h1” Dimension “h2” German Size
3.00″ 5.91″ 4.87″ 17.77″ 76
4.00″ 5.91″ 4.82″ 17.77″ 100
5.00″ 6.54″ 3.48″ 18.00″ 120

Do not use this product on Zinc, Steel or Aluminum Metal roofs.

If installing this product in cold weather, pre-heat the zinc bellows prior to flexing to prevent cracking of the material.

For questions or technical assistance with this product or any other product offered by Rapid Materials, call us at 770-405-1060 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, or email 24-7

Additional information

Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in


Select Pipe Size

3" Pipe, 4" Pipe, 5" Pipe



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