Edma Hand Punch 00360010 for Sheet Metal




The Edma Hand Punch for Sheet Metal comes four (4) round punches from 0.13″ to 0.24″ in diameter. This tools has an infinitely adjustable stop with a maximum working depth of 1-3/4″.



Punch Diameter0.13″0.16″0.19″0.24″
Steel – Cold Rolled/Galvanized16ga [0.0635″]16ga [0.0635″]18ga [0.0516″]22ga [0.0336″]
Stainless Steel18ga [0.0478″]20ga [0.0359″]22ga [0.0299″]25ga [0.0209″]
Aluminum11ga [0.0907″]14ga [0.0641″]14ga [0.0641″]16ga [0.0508″]



Freund Sheet Metal Tools are the finest sheet metal fabrication tools in the world. Designed with the professional tradesman in mind, Freund sheet metal tools are used by professionals all over the world to fabricate copper, zinc, aluminum and steel metal roofs, gutter systems and custom artisan work.

For more than 160 years, Freund has been pursuing a family tradition, namely the design and the manufacturing of state-of-the-art, handcrafted tools. These specialty tools, MADE IN GERMANY, are designed for the roofing, sheet metal, plumbing and carpentry industries. Freund specializes in high quality, traditional and innovative hand tools for craftsmen working on roofing and sheet metal roofing.

How to select the right Freund tool for your application

Freund Tool Catalog from RapidMaterials

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Weight48 oz
Dimensions12 × 6 × 3 in

Sheet Metal Tool

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