Malco FCC7 Angle Cutter Guillotine for Fiber Cement Siding




Cut multiple angles in Fiber Cement Siding with Guillotine Precision and Minimal Dust. Nickel plated blade design with high leverage handle requires less force to produce clean cuts with minimal air-borne dust. Scribe desired angle on fiber cement siding plank and feed it into the guillotine blade as you cut. The blade is anchored above the large guillotine plate to allow clearance for cutting angles in 5/16″ (8 mm) fiber cement planks up to 12″ (305 mm) wide.

The Malco Guillotine cutter for fiber cement working. Available from Rapid Materials

How do I set up the guillotine for use?

The guillotine will have a clip installed at the factory at the head of blade to hold the blade in place during shipment. This clip needs to be removed in order for the guillotine to operate. Remove the clip from the lock position and position it behind the blade so that the blade does not open too far during use. The clip should be positioned in the lock position when the guillotine is not being used.

The guillotine handle will not be installed when it arrives. The handle can quickly be assembled using the two bolts supplied by the factory. The handle can stay installed as clip will safely secure the entire handle during transporting.

There are two foldable legs in the front of the base. These legs should be extended during use to steady the cutter.

How do I make angle cuts?

The fence is positioned to aid in making 90 degree cuts. The contractor should use their speed square to position the fence for accurate 90 degree cuts. The fence should be moved out of the way by losing the knob, when making pitch cuts other than 90 degree. Note the fence can be moved to either side of the blade allowing the guillotine to be comfortable for either a left or right preference.

How do you use the guillotine?

The guillotine allows the contractor to use the measuring and marking process they normally use. It is recommended that the contractor scribes a cut line on the siding as they normally do. In order to achieve the best performance, it is suggested that the contractor should start cutting at the narrowest side of the pitch. However, either way will work fine, it is up to the contractor. Line the scribed line up with the blade and begin to cut, the contractor will need to make multiple cuts while moving the material along the base of the guillotine. Please note that cutting with the finished side up will provide the best results.

Can the blade be sharpened?

The blade is expected to cut 12,000 cuts (8,000 feet) on length on 8.25 siding planks, it is not recommended that the guillotine blade be sharpened.

What is the difference between the FCC7 and the FCC4 guillotines?

The FCC7 makes straight or any angle cuts in up to 12 fiber cement siding. The FCC4 guillotine makes?straight?cuts in 8 fiber cement siding, which is the most popular size used today.

Does Malco s have multiple cutting solutions for fiber cement siding?

Malco also offers Turbo Shears for cutting fiber cement siding; there is a pneumatic version and an attachment version available. The attachment version is to be used on either a corded or cordless 14.4V or larger drill. The Turbo Shears offer a unique power cutting solution that generates minimal dust. The Turbo Shear attachment offers great flexibility on the job by allowing the contractors drill to be quickly converted to a fiber cement cutting shear. The Turbo Shears offer a powered solution for cutting with minimal dust.

Malco s offering includes three different circular saw blades for quick cutting of multiple planks at one time, our circular saw blades include fewer teeth allowing less dust to be generated than other blades.

In addition, Malco offers a hand snip for cutting fiber cement siding. The snip allows both straight and arched trimming conveniently by not requiring a power source. The snip offers flexibility with minimal dust.

Are replacement parts available?

No, we currently do not offer replacement parts.



Malco Products, Inc. got its start in 1950 when a young steel supply salesman, Mark W.Keymer, decided to manufacture and market a pipe crimper he had invented for use in installing the "new" sheet metal ductwork used with forced air heating systems. More tools soon followed, including: the first hand seamer to employ compound leverage; a time saving hand notcher that made a V-shaped cut in one motion; and a hand operated, snap lock punch to complete the basic sheet metal tool set. Today Malco Products, Inc. is the nation's leading manufacturer of "tools of the trade" for HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) professionals. In 1975 Malco also created a vital specialty tool market for EXTERIOR REMODELING professionals (Installers of Roofing, Siding and Gutter) and holds the leadership position in that niche as well. Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Annandale, Minnesota, just outside the Minneapolis / St. Paul metroplex. Malco continues its founder's tradition of leadership and innovation by addressing a changing industry landscape and responding to emerging market needs for new specializations and more customized products and services.

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