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Metal Sheet Anthra Zinc Sheets by VMZinc (5 Sheets Minimum)




There is a minimum purchase of 5 sheets for this product.

ANTHRA-ZINC is a black pre-weathered surface color. ANTHRA-ZINC should be used with caution near sea shores since the salt in the air will cause the surface aspect of the zinc to lighten over the years. ANTHRA-ZINC will slightly lighten after several years of exposure. ANTHRA-ZINC is not recommended within one mile of the shore.

On the luminance scale of measuring colors ANTHRA-ZINC falls into a Y-Factor range of 5-7. Every batch of ANTHRA-ZINC is measured and the results are documented. Beautiful color variation is expect in natural materials.

Although ANTHRA-ZINC was originally intended for flashing and rain ware for slate roofs, architects have come to appreciate the velvety look of ANTHRA-ZINC and use it increasingly as a building product for walls and roofs. ANTHRA-ZINC can be combined with wood, glass, or concrete for impressive results.

VMZ Zinc Plus Option

PLUS means that a 60 µm (2.36mil) thick coating is on the back side for installation on non-compatible supports. VMZ Zinc Plus is available for all surface colors.

VMZ Zinc Plus resists to an abrasion of 40 liters when tested in accordance with ASTM D 968.

All flat sheets are 39.4″x 120″

All Prices are per sheet.

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Additional information

Weight 608 oz
Dimensions 120 × 48 × 0.05 in

Zinc Sheet


0.8mm [0.031] 39.4 x120 ANTHRA Zinc Flat Sheet from VM Zinc, 1.0mm [0.039] 39.4 x120 ANTHRA Zinc Flat Sheet from VM Zinc

Made In


Zinc Plus Option

Standard Surface, VMZ Zinc Plus Option

Minimum Quantity

5 Sheets


VM Zinc

VMZINC is the international brand name of rolled zinc products produced in France. As well as natural zinc, today Rapid Materials offers two different shades of preweathered zinc - Quartz and Anthra. Quartz zinc features a factory-induced patina that simulates the natural patina that zinc creates after being exposed to air and water, and Anthra zinc is a black pre-weathered surface color. Today, architects world over have come to appreciate the look of zinc sheets combined with wood, glass, or concrete for impressive results and zinc products have been extensively used for furniture, flashing, rain ware, walls and roofs.


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