SeamerPro by Freund


The new SeamerPro from Freund combines single lock, double lock and seam cutting into one great tool.

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The new SeamerPro from Freund combines single lock, double lock and seam cutting into one great tool.

Simply attach your standard cordless screwgun/drill to the SeamerPro and quickly form single and double lock seams at a rate of 26-39 feet per minute*.

(Drill/Screwgun pictured is not included: You must provide your own)


  • One unit does three functions: Forms first stage (single lock) and second stage (double lock) seams, as well as cuts panel seams
  • Creates double lock seams in one step
  • Fast speeds from 27-40 feet per minute (*maximum drill speed and battery condition can effect speed)
  • Cordless. Use any cordless screw gun or drill with a 3/8″ chuck (DRILL/SCREW GUN NOT INCLUDED)
  • Light and compact: The SeamerPro weighs 12.54lbs (5.7kg) without cordless screw gun attached
  • Easily latches onto the panel seam with no seam prep
  • Fast operation changes. Change from Single lock to double lock to cutting tool quickly
  • Durable and maintenance free. Extremely robust mechanical parts with worm drive. No plastic parts
  • Time-Saving. No need to pre-seam the roof panel for single or double lock
  • Height adjustable. Easily changed to fit both 1″ and 1-1/2″ panel profiles (25mm & 32mm)
  • Self Adjusting. Internal disc spring always proved the correct contact pressure for any material thickness
  • Comes packed in a durable plastic carrying case with custom foam insert and includes cutting wheels and mounting key

Metals Capacity:

  • Copper, Zinc or Aluminum: 0.32″, 20ga (0.8mm)
  • Galvanized or Painted Steel: 0.275″, 22ga  (0.7mm)
  • Stainless Steel: .0197″, 26ga (0.5mm)


How to Attach Your Screw Gun to the SeamerPro


The SeamerPro Forming A Double Lock Seam in One Pass

Cutting a Roof Panel Seam with SeamerPro Using the Cutting Wheels (Included)


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Additional information

Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 17.75 × 16.75 × 7 in