Snow Diverter SD-24 by LMCurbs

$130.00 - $160.00



Snow Diverter by LMCurbs

Snow Diverter is specifically designed to divert the snow and ice away from stacks and vent pipes on metal roofs to avoid unnecessary damage. The Snow Diverter holds the snow above the roof penetration and prevents excessive snow loads from being applied to the penetration.

Constructed of .125 (1/8 ) 3003 aluminum, the Snow Diverter is fully welded and is shipped in mill finish. The only thing you need to complete your installation is two (2) S-5! Seam Clamps. Visit our Seam Clamp page to select the correct parts for your application. (We recommend full size S-5! clamps, not mini clamps, for this application. Mini clamps may rotate)

Four standard models are available:

SD-24 Fits metal roof panels 22 to 25 wide with seams 2 or taller.

SD-1624 Fits metal roof panels 15-1/2 to 25 wide with seams 1-1/2 or taller.

SD-1216 Fits metal roof panels 12 to 16-1/4 wide with seams 1 or taller.

SD-AG Fits screw down roof panels (AG, R, M ect) with major rib spacings of 11-3/4 to 18-1/2 and 19-3/4 to 25 . NOTE: The SD-AG should be mounted using S-5! VersaBrackets or CorruBrackets


Note: Some Clamps or Brackets may add a small increase in cost to the snow diverter.

For assistance with this or any other Rapid Materials Product contact us at:

770-405-1060 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, or at 24-7



Additional information

Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 6 in


Select Your S-5! Seam Clamp or Bracket

CorruBracket, CorruBracket 100T, I Don't Need A Clamp Or Bracket, NEW S-5-N, RibBracket III, S-5-B, S-5-E, S-5-H, S-5-H90, S-5-N 1.5, S-5-Q, S-5-R465, S-5-S, S-5-T, S-5-U, S-5-V, S-5-Z, VersaBracket VB-47, VersaBracket VB-67


Snow System


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