VM Zinc Craftsman Set


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These are the tools demonstrated during the VM Zinc training class for sheet metal craftsman. The Craftsman set includes these quality tools:

  • 01090022 7/8″ Wide 45° Angle Blade Seaming (Clinching) Pliers
  • 01100081 Straight lap joint clinching pliers
  • 01090060 2-3/8″ Wide 45° Angle Blade Seaming (Clinching) Pliers
  • 01674000 Large PVC Tinman’s Hammer
  • 01150000 Large Scraper (Anvil or welt iron)
  • 01070250 Seam Opeing Pliers
  • 01170060 2-3/8″ Wide Straight Corner Clinching Pliers
  • 01290240 Right Hand Offset Cutting Snips
  • 01291240 Left Hand Offset Cutting Snips
  • 01360240 Round Nose Pliers

This set comes in a stout metal and plastic Stack-On tool box.


VM Zinc

VMZINC is the international brand name of rolled zinc products produced in France. As well as natural zinc, today Rapid Materials offers two different shades of preweathered zinc - Quartz and Anthra. Quartz zinc features a factory-induced patina that simulates the natural patina that zinc creates after being exposed to air and water, and Anthra zinc is a black pre-weathered surface color. Today, architects world over have come to appreciate the look of zinc sheets combined with wood, glass, or concrete for impressive results and zinc products have been extensively used for furniture, flashing, rain ware, walls and roofs.

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Weight320 oz
Dimensions24 × 16 × 12 in

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