Silicone Pipe Flashings

Our Silicone Pipe Flashings are the professional roofers choice for all metal roofing application in High Temperature Applications. Available in original orange-red and grey. Sold in box quantities only. Minimum order quantities apply, however if you want to mix and match to meet the minimum order requirements, please call us so we can assist you with putting a custom order together.

Silicone Square Base

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Featured Roofing Product

Swenson Shear Model 48

The Model 48 Heavy Duty Pivot Shear by Swenson Shear with its 48" blade is ideal for shearing heavy gauge exposed-fastener panels, with the ability to shear straight at 90° and up to a 8/12 gable. The custom blades match any panel profile, providing a clean cut, eliminating burred edges and flying metal. The shear is transportable and weighs around 140 lbs.

The Model 48 Shear features an interchangeable blade to accommodate any manufacturer's panel profile. Separate blades will be needed for each blade profile or to achieve various gable angles. The recommended maximum gauge thickness is 24. Shearing panels thicker than 24ga may increase wearing of blades. 

Roofing Videos

Swenson Model 48 Pivot Shear

The Swenson Model 48 HD Pivot Shear is ideal for shearing heavy gauge exposed-fastener panels. Its 48" blade has the ability to shear straight at 90° and up to a 8/12 gable. Every Swenson Shear features an interchangeable blade; custom made in the United States to accommodate any manufacturer's panel profile.

Swenson Stone Coat Cutter

Referred to as the Swenson Shear “utility knife,” the Stone Coat Cutter is designed for use on a multitude of applications from stone coated metal shake and shingles, to 14-gauge stainless flat sheets. It is equipped with a 34-inch blade that is made of long lasting, high-carbon steel. This go-to tool is safe, efficient, and transportable with a weight of just  65 pounds.