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Clamps & Brackets FAQ

How much load will S-5!® clamps hold?

S-5! has done hundreds of tensile load tests parallel to the panel seam and on various gauges and profiles, we have tabulated the results for your convenience.

What profiles will S-5!® clamps not fit?

S-5! clamps will not fit on face-fastened trapezoidal rib or corrugated type panels.

How can I be sure that S-5!® setscrews won't damage my panel?

The point of the S-5! screw is rounded to a specific radius and polished to eliminate abrasion to the panel finish when tightened.

On what profiles should S-5!® clamps be used with caution?

There are some seams on which S-5! clamps should either not be used or used only with caution.

Should I be concerned about metallurgical compatibility?

S-5! clamps are completely compatible with most painted or unpainted materials.

What if the panel seam I'm using has not been tested?

If you cannot identify your profile, please contact us.

Which clamp works best on horizontal seams?

Use the S-5-E and crimp the seam to 180 degrees at desired clamp location.

Which clamp works best on nail flange, snap-together profiles?

The S-5-N and S-5-N Mini clamps have been designed for application on the popular 1″ nail strip metal roof profiles.

What is the S-5-A Clamp?

The S-5-A clamp is used only in conjunction with SnoRail and SnoFence. Not recommended for other utility attachments.

What profiles will the S-5-B fit?

The S-5-B (Brass) is limited in use to traditional double-folded copper standing seam profiles, and traditional folded batten seam profiles.

What profiles will the S-5-E fit?

The S-5-E clamp is designed especially for the traditional double-folded standing seam profile that is so popular all over Western Europe.

What profiles will the S-5-T fit?

The S-5-T clamp is especially designed for seam profiles which resemble the letter “T” in their cross-section.

What profiles will the S-5-U fit?

The S-5-U clamp will fit about 85% of the standing seam profiles manufactured in North America.

What profiles will the S-5-Z fit?

The S-5-Z will fit “bulb” seam profiles, such as Zip Rib, BEMO, similar Morin profiles and Berridge Cee-Lock in North America.

How Is S-5!® different from other setscrew-based systems?

S-5! setscrews are designed to dimple the seam material without puncturing, scratching or harming it.

What About Thermal Movement?

When attaching to this type of standing seam metal roof, the S-5! clamp can be attached at a clip location or between clips.