Snow Retention FAQ

How are S-5!® snow retention systems attached?

S-5! Snow Retention Systems are attached using S-5! clamping technology. S-5! attachments are all mechanical, and squeeze the seam with round-point setscrews.

Can S-5!® snow retention systems be retrofitted to an existing roof?

Yes, ColorGard®, X-Gard™, DualGard™ and SnoFence™ can easily be retrofitted to existing roofs or incorporated onto a new construction design. They can be installed any time of year using power tools that are common to the trade.

Should the snow retention system be customized to the job?

Yes—any product should be—including those sold by other companies.

What about the cost?

S-5!® snow retention systems are the best buy on the market!

What is the approximate linear foot cost of a ColorGard® system?

Pound for pound of holding strength, S-5! ColorGard is the best buy on the market, but because ColorGard assemblies are designed to the specifics of each project, costs vary widely depending upon those specifics.

How do I know which system to choose?

Wide choices. Contact RapidMaterials if you cannot decide which system for your snow retention.

How far do you set ColorGard® from the eave and how far do you set back the second row?

Determining where to place snow retention rows is a common question. The first row is the easiest to answer, but it is really more of a question. How much snow do you really want to fall off the roof?

When should stainless steel SnoRod™ be used rather than aluminum?

The stainless steel SnoRod is more durable than aluminum, and suggested for projects where greater durability is needed, or when the stainless finish is desired for aesthetic reasons.

When should SnoFence™ be used rather than SnoRail™?

SnoFence is somewhat stronger than SnoRail. Use it for increased durability or when the aesthetic look of two rails is desired.

When should SnoClips™, X-Clips™, or DualClips™ be used and how many are needed?

SnoClip, X-Clip, or DualClip will stop or retard the passage of snow and ice beneath the snow retention cross member.

Why is ColorGard a better choice than the other color-coded options?

Because of the perfect color matching—that lasts for the life of the roof! It is no trick to achieve a perfect color match to the roof initially.

How is ColorGard attached?

With S-5! clamping hardware—the trusted name in metal roof attachment technology worldwide. ColorGard does not rely upon adhesives for attachment to the roof panel.

Why does that matter?

The premium finishes used on today’s metal roof products are fluorocarbons—“Hylar” and “Kynar” by tradename.

Is there a way to use ColorGard on other roof types?

Yes. With S-5!® VersaBracket™, and CorruBracket™ ColorGard can be used on almost any roof type, including face-fastened metal panels and even non-metallic roofs.

How can ColorGard be less conspicuous than CLEAR plastic?

ColorGard presents architecturally clean lines. It is unobtrusive in appearance, blending into the roofscape. When compared to plastic alternatives that have highly reflective characteristics, ColorGard is the clear winner for complementing the roof.

I have seen other products that attach with setscrews. How is S-5!® different?

There may be copycat snow guard products in the marketplace that also utilize setscrews for attachment, but be careful!

Why S-5!® clamps?

Because S-5! clamps attach almost anything to standing seam metal roofs without piercing the panel!

What does all this prove?

It proves that the holding strength of the S-5! clamp is absolutely unsurpassed.