Aluminum and Steel Sheets

Pac-Clad Aluminum and Steel Sheets from RapidMaterials

Pac-Clad® flat sheets are the ideal solution for metal wall panels, metal roofing and metal sidings.

RapidMaterials is an official distributor for Pac-Clad® metal flat sheets. Pac-Clad® 48″ x 120″ flat sheets are available in a wide variety of Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® high performance paints (including Energystar) applied to 24ga – 22ga steel and 0.32″-0.063″ aluminum.


Pac-Clad 2015 Color Chart & Tech Data

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Where economy, longevity and lightweight materials are part of the preferred criteria, metal wall panels are the favored choice. Metal wall panels have been proven overtime to be reliable and sustainable. They come with many choices in panel profiles, sizes and colors, allowing greater flexibility in building design.

Metal wall panels or flat sheets can be manufactured from a variety of metals including aluminum, steel, copper and zinc. Copper and zinc panels are normally unfinished, allowing them to develop a natural patina. Steel panels normally come painted with durable paint such as Kynar or coating protecting them from the elements. Aluminum panels can be anodized or covered in similar durable paint. The range of color paint is wide with standard hues or custom tones, and the coating is applied during the manufacturing process under a controlled environment to ensure uniformity and quality.

Since metal flat sheets are made from light weight material, they have less impact on dead load allowing for lower structural system sizing and cost. Metal wall panels can also be installed faster saving labor cost, and avoiding construction delays due to detrimental weather conditions.

Metal flat sheets have a typical life span of 20 to 30 years or longer depending on the geographical location of the building. The durability and protectiveness of the metal coatings prevent corrosion and require little or no maintenance for exterior metal walls.


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