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Design Line Wood Finishes by Reynobond

Reynobond’s Design Line finishes mimic natural materials. Design Line Wood Finishes feature a 20-Year Warranty.

  • Reynobond 4mm FR SUNNY PEAR 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR SUNNY PEAR 62″x196″

    $696.30 - $763.88
  • Reynobond® 4mm FR TENDER OAK 62″x196″

    $696.30 - $763.88
  • Reynobond® 4mm FR FRENCH WALNUT 62″x196″

    $696.30 - $763.88
  • Reynobond® 4mm FR ASHWOOD GRAY 62″x196″

    $696.30 - $763.88
  • Reynobond 4mm FR ZEBRA 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR ZEBRA 62″x196″

    $696.30 - $763.88
  • Reynobond 4mm FR SCOTTISH OAK 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR SCOTTISH OAK 62″x196″

    $696.30 - $763.88
  • Reynobond 4mm FR ITALIAN WALNUT 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR ITALIAN WALNUT 62″x196″

    $696.30 - $763.88
  • Reynobond 4mm FR EMBALA BROWN 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR EMBALA BROWN 62″x196″

    $696.30 - $763.88
  • Reynobond 4mm FR COLONIAL RED 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR COLONIAL RED 62″x196″

    $696.30 - $763.88

Wrap your imagination around the benefits and versatility of Reynobond.

Reynobond® metal composite material (MCM) panels consist of an extruded thermoplastic compound core that s fusion bonded between two sheets of coil-coated aluminum, brushed aluminum, zinc, stainless steel or copper material. The result is a highly corrosion-resistant, rigid-yet-flexible material that weighs 3.4 times less than steel and 1.6 times less than pure aluminum.

Reynobond composite material is exceptionally flat, daringly formable, surprisingly light and distinctively colorful. It integrates easily with the curtain wall, creating a seamless look for façades. And its extreme formability makes it ideal for curves and unique design accents.