COVID-19 Delivery Notification

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping has become a little more complex than what we have been conditioned to expect. Here are couple of things you need to know about shipping:

1) UPS (and all other carriers) has suspended their “Service Guarantee” during the COVID-19 outbreak. What does this mean? According to UPS, while most packages will be delivered within the expected delivery time (ie: 2 days for 2-Day Air, or next day for Next Day Air), they will no longer guarantee delivery within the expected time frame and they will not refund shipping fees paid due to failure to deliver within the expected time frame.

What you can expect from us:
We will always package and prepare your items for shipping as soon as possible and we’ll have them ready to pick-up by the carrier.

What we can do to help:
If your shipment has already been issued a tracking number, but UPS has not yet picked it up, we can change the shipping to a faster method, however you will be required to pay the difference in cost.

What is out of our Control:
When UPS picks up. While we have a scheduled pickup by UPS every business day, due to manpower shortages, there have been, and for the foreseeable future will be, days where they do not pick up. This can and will create delays in all shipping methods, including Air shipping.
When UPS delivers. Clearly, different regions of the country currently have more or less restrictions on movement, and more or less sick folks who may or may not be able to work. Once a package has been shipped, we cannot change the shipping method to get it there faster or slower. UPS will not allow this and will not make exception.

Refunds for delayed shipping once UPS has picked up. UPS is not refunding shipping costs. UPS will not make an exception.

2) Freight Shipping is also experiencing service delays. Part of this is due to a shortage of available trucks, which has been ongoing for the last year or so, and a shortage of healthy drivers and dock workers. There are also expected delays caused by restrictions put in place by various states limiting the movement of vehicles from one state to another.

If you have any questions regarding shipping during these difficult times, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at and 770-405-1060.

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