Equitone Fiber Cement Rainscreens Wall Cladding Systems from RapidMaterials

EQUITONE has been producing fiber cement facade panels since the 1950s. Fiber cement is a composite material that is made of cement, cellulose and mineral materials, reinforced by a visible matrix. Every Equitone facade panel is therefore unique, showing the through-colored texture of the base fiber cement material. Equitone facade panels come in 4′ x 10′ (1.25m x 3m) and can be cut into any sizes or shapes. The panels can also be perforated or printed, and fitted onto buildings by riveting, screwing and bonding on metal or wood supporting frames. Most Equitone façade panels are not treated with artificial color coatings, giving the through-colored materials a raw, unfinished character. Equitone facade panels come in five collections, each has its own unique characteristics:



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