VM Zinc Flat Sheets

Since 2010 Rapid Materials has been the source for Zinc sheets. Regardless of the order size, we offer great pricing on the zinc sheets you need for for your project. You save because we ship factory direct from the location nearest you. Our 49″ wide zinc sheets by VMZINC are offered exclusively by us for any projects including zinc for table tops.

VM Zinc

VMZINC is one of the most innovative leaders in zinc sheet metal production for building cladding and DIY projects. The quality of the material and its aspects inspire thousands of architects designing beautiful and unique buildings that are environmentally friendly, and many DIY homeowners for their zinc kitchen countertop projects. VMZINC zinc sheets are durable and non-rusty, and are easy to install to create fabulous award-winning designs. Creating either contemporary or classic traditional designs, VMZINC zinc sheets can be used to create aesthetic exterior and interior applications such as roofing, wall cladding and furniture for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

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