Zinc Metal Sheets

Best DIY Project Using Affordable Zinc Metal Sheets

Many homeowners long to replace their older, less fashionable and unattractive kitchen countertops with something stylish, gorgeous and still practical for their family’s everyday food preparation and cooking needs. Homeowners that have recently scoped out some of the latest new countertop material choices have likely been shocked to learn the costs of materials for a relatively small surface area.
Homeowners that truly want to spruce up their kitchens with new countertop surfaces but need to budget their material costs will be delighted to discover an affordable, yet attractive option.  One of the best DIY counter-top projects that is gaining in popularity today, is the use of zinc metal sheets, which are not only cost-effective, they are easy to care for and they have major appeal.

Benefits of Using Affordable Zinc Metal Sheets to Make a Practical & Lovely Countertop:

There are many types of materials being used today to create various types of kitchen or bath countertop surfaces that look great but are also highly practical for everyday use. Marble, quartz, designer tiles and other potential materials for counters are oftentimes too expensive for the average family to afford. Older kitchen laminate products were cheaper but didn’t hold up well through the years of use.

More interior designers are on a budget, and ordinary homeowners are turning to unusual materials to get the countertops that they ultimately want without emptying out their bank accounts. Many do-it-yourself homeowners have discovered the many terrific benefits of using easy-to-find and affordable zinc metal sheets instead. This is readily found at supply retailers that sell building materials, and consumers can also get substantial savings when they shop at outlet building and metal supply establishments.

Some of these enticing benefits include:

  • Surprisingly Attractive Appearance that Ages Well Taking on a Pewter Type Sheen that is Timeless & Vintage
    Exceptionally Durable
  • Hides Scratches & Simple to Maintain
  • Relatively Easy to Work with if Experienced with Working with Metals
  • Blends with Many Kitchen Decor Themes Including Industrial Contemporary, Elegant Chick, Vintage Farmhouse or Country Casual
  • Can be Left Natural or Textured for a Cool Antique Look

How To Create a Magnificent Kitchen Countertop Out of Zinc Metal Sheets

Step 1:

Take Measurements. This project requires plywood or other counter underlay material, and it’s important to accurately measure the thickness, width, and length of the underlay. Add an additional 3/4 or more on both length and width in order to wrap the metal sheet around or fold-over the front and side edges for a smoother surface that won’t cut someone’s hands. 

Step 2:

Cut Metal Carefully and accurately mark the sheet of metal with the measurements. Use a metal break or tin snips to precisely cut the metal sheet. If upgrading your kitchen sink, measure and cut out where the sink will be. Use a drill to make a positioning hole that enables the user to insert the tin snip point in order to cut out the sink interior space where it and the additional fixtures will be located.

Step 3:

Attach Zinc to underlayment by using a strong heavy-duty type of construction adhesive product to attach the underside of the sheet metal piece firmly down onto the top of the plywood underlay surface. To ensure that the two surfaces will bond together, take a large piece of cardboard or another piece of heavier plywood on top of the metal sheet.

Weigh down the cardboard or plywood with a heavy stack of books, some weights or another heavier object in order to secure the two surfaces together for a better and stronger overall bond. Make sure to firmly clamp down close to the metal zinc edges using thinner wood strips. This will help to protect the zinc against damage such as scrapes, dents, or other marks. Let this dry at least overnight or as per bonding glue/adhesive instructions. 

Step 4:

Bend & Fold-Over Edges by first marking, then cutting out a square on each of the corners using the outermost point of the corner into the underlayment plywood corner point. Perform the fold-over motion by using a short smaller piece of wood and tap carefully with small mallet or hammer. This step should fold-over and under the frontal countertop facing keeping the creases sharp. Tap with wood lightly to get the metal to be very close to the counter surface for a cleaner look. Using small nails, tack the folded piece of metal to countertop bottom after applying bonding adhesive to firmly glue zinc sheet to the countertop facing surface. 

Step 5:

Solder Corners by taking a coil of zinc solder that is completely lead-free and apply first to corners just enough to help stick-down the solder material to the zinc surface. Pre-heat a soldering iron enough to melt this soldering material onto the now open corner seams for a flawless and crisp corner detail lines.

Give this time to fully harden, then use a grinder or metal file to even out those corners perfectly. If desiring a more shiny surface finish, take sandpaper of 100 grit and gently sand surfaces.

Use a smaller heat gun or torch to heat zinc sheets for easier bending. Your new and stunning zinc countertop should last for years and you’ll enjoy watching it age beautifully as it forms a unique patina as a result of the natural oxidation process. But, if you are looking to keep a polished zinc counter, know that you’ll have to be dedicated to maintain a pristine shiny look.

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