Snow Retention

Snow Guards and Snow Retention Systems are designed to hold snow in place on the roof-top to prevent snow-pack from sliding off the roof and causing damage to persons and property! Sliding snow can rip gutters off buildings, damage vehicles & vegetation and injure pedestrians walking by or entering your home or business. By holding the snow in place, a well-designed snow retention system allows the snow to slowly melt-off and safely dissipate.

Rapid Materials offers a great selection of quality snow guards and snow retention systems designed for use on metal roofing products.

Snow Guards and Snow Retention Systems

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  • Snow Defender 1500

    $6.55 - $6.88
  • Snow Defender 4500

    $4.33 - $6.33
  • Snow Defender 6500

    $17.11 - $18.72
  • Snow Defender 7500 Deco

    $18.09 - $19.66
  • Snow Defender 85RF